Da Bird Wand is ‘DA best cat toy EVER’!!

We have been selling Da Bird cat wands for many years now and have received so many emails from our wonderful customers!  We wanted to share a few of these email with you, but first, what is a Da Bird Wand anyway? 

DA BIRD is a 36″ fiberglass rod that has 50 pound test braided nylon string attached (sort of a fishing pole for cats without the dangerous hooks:).  The feathers on the end of the string are aerodynamically configured and will seem to flutter as you wave the wand.  The feathers mimic the action of a real bird in flight!  This wand comes in a single pole version or a ‘pull apart’ version that makes a 36″ wand when assembled.  The pull apart version is the best deal for our international customers because it can be shipped First Class instead of Priority like the single pole version.  One of the best features of this toy (besides driving your kitty insane with delight) is the option of adding new attachments to the wand to extend the play value of the toy.  Instead of using the toy a few times and having to throw it away because it is tattered and torn from being hunted and killed over and over again, you can put a new attachment on and BINGO, new toy! 

We wanted to share a few letters we received from our customers.  The first one is actually a winner from the ‘SPOT THE ROCKSTAR’ contest that was held during ebay live by Janelle Elms of OSI ROCKSTARS Fame!  Nancy Blom of nancy33sales won our Da Bird Cat Wand prize and her furbabies were thrilled!! (we used Nancy pics with her permission!-Thank you Nancy!):

Woo hoo – my furbabies LOVE the Dabird!

Wow oh wow! 

I got the toys today and my 4 furbabies were so SOOOOOOOOO excited! 

They absolutely loved the Dabird! I’m telling everyone about it and referring them to your store! You’ve got GREAT stuff! 

I wanted to leave you stellar 5 star feedback so bad! LOL 

Thanks again! 

Nancy Blom
The second letter is from Anja in Germany:
Hello Jen,
my English is not the best, but I hope you understand me 🙂
First, thanks for the fast shipping. Yesterday the package was here. Today I get it from post station.  My big cat (1 year 3 month old) was joyful about the little black mouse, which was extra in the package.
Now itŽs every time in his mouth *G* He loves black mice.
An the Baby (9 month) opens the drawer where I placed the Da  Bird after the first playing 😀 I thank you so much and many greetings from my both kitties.

We love to hear from our customers near and far!  Happy Pets are our #1 Priority! :0
If you would like to check out the Da Bird Cat wand, please visit our store!  We have many other fun cat toys to choose from as well! 
Our Cat Ollie would like to remind everyone to hide their Da Bird wand well when not playing with their feline friend or your cat ‘will love them to pieces!!’

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Happy Pets are our #1 Priority!!

When we started selling on-line 4 years ago, we first thought it would be a great way to bring quality innovative items to other pet lovers!  We tried many items out on our co-workers and relatives to see how the toys were received by their pets and how they held up.  As our store began to grow, more and more people sent us countless emails and pictures of their pets and stories about them.  So many of these pets and their familes have become part of our extended family!  Some of our customers have become very close friends and we enjoy lenghty emails from time to time :)!  Stop by our blog often.  We will be sharing some of our customer’s stories and pictures as well as some of their favorite products!  Till next time…… Treat that special pet today!!

our Mom’s dog ‘Jo Jo’ trying out a Wubba toy!


Successful EBay stores need to sparkle with innovation!

When we started our EBay store, 1Petspalace, we did not know anything about key words, how to set up a listing properly, how to use Squidoo, or how to organize ourselves to get anything done!!!  Then we met Janelle Elms.  First we subscribed to her news letter, Online Success Institute.  Then Janelle asked for a few people to help her with the new success web site.  We were asked to be beta testers.  After the beta test was done, she asked us to be Rock Star promoters for her new website OSI ROCK STARS!  It has been a blast and we have met so many wonderful people.  Many of these fellow Rock Stars share their success stories in inteviews with Janelle.  These interview are available to listen to on OSI Rock Stars website.  You can listen to them on your own time.  Some are so jam packed with information, you have to listen to them over and over again!!  Stop by OSI Rock Stars today and get your back stage pass to success!!  You will be thankful you did!!!



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If you sell on-line or are think of selling on-line, OSI ROCK STARS is just the group for you!!!  OSI Rock Stars was started by EBay educational specialist and brilliant entrepreneur, Janelle Elms.  She created a friendly, informative website for success-driven on-line sellers to unite and share information with each other.  You can take part in the constructive forums, listen in on the many webinars and podcast.  You can even download podcast to listen to on your ipod later on!  You may even be chosen to be on Janelle’s one on one live webinars where she will answer your business questions and give you advice to help your on-line business rise to the top!  There is such a wealth of information!  Something for everyone!  Stop by for a visit today and see why other on-line sellers have increased their sales and have chosen Success!!